First Day in Braces

how to relieve braces pain


It is not uncommon for your teeth to feel tender or sore after first getting braces. We suggest taking

acetaminophen or other pain relievers such as aspirin and ibuprofen. You may take a dose of Tylenol and a

dose of Advil together for the first day or two – this should be more than enough to relieve any discomfort.

After a few days, you should notice your discomfort decreasing every day until you feel completely normal

again, the timing of which can vary from patient to patient.

Before Leaving the Office

Here are some helpful steps to follow before leaving the office to ensure your orthodontic treatment is as

efficient and comfortable as possible:

  • Check your archwires with your fingers and tongue – make sure it is not poking any area which might be uncomfortable.
  • Double-check that you understand what you’re supposed to do between appointments, whether that means wearing headgear for certain amounts of the day, wearing elastics (rubber bands), or making regular adjustments to a palatal expander.
  • Refill your supplies of dental wax, elastics, cleaning aids, or any other needed materials. You don’t want to run out between appointments!
  • Be sure your next appointment is scheduled with us before you leave – this will help ensure you have more choices as to which day and/or time you’d like the appointment scheduled. Delaying making appointments puts your treatment at risk of running longer than expected.